• Diana Peters-Curry

Day 140-2/26/19

Updated: May 27, 2019

I’m still celebrating the news from yesterday. This has been an amazing journey. Through the ups and downs of my emotions, God has shown up through every step to confirm himself to me. When my faith wavers—even a little bit—He reminds me of whose I am—HIS!

Through all of my celebration though, I am feeling the side-effects of yesterday’s shot harder than I have in the past. The pains are there stronger, and the fatigue is stronger also. After the smallest amount of activity, I’m finding myself completely worn out.

As this is the last session of everything related to chemo, I’m excited to see everything return to “normal”. While I’m still not sure of how my new normal will look, I have confidence that it will be better than this. It will be a matter of rebuilding strength and stamina. And I’m ready for the challenge!

" God is our refuge and strength [mighty and impenetrable], A very present and well-proved help in trouble." Psalm 46: 1 (AMP)

Day 148:


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