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Day 171 - 3/29/19

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Two days after surgery, and I'm still taking pain medication regularly. That's not surprising. As much as I want to start weaning myself off of the medications, I also don't want to be in a lot of pain... So I'm just going to keep taking them until the pain is a little bit more manageable. :)

The drain under my arm is still needing to be tended to regularly. I'm thankful that my daughter is taking care of it, so I don't have to worry about it. I've been sleeping quite a bit over the last few days, so it's good that I don't have to focus on who, what, when and how the drainage is doing. She's managing it completely, and I'm assuming it's going well because she hasn't stated otherwise.

I have an appointment on Monday to meet with the radiation oncologist, so I'm hoping to be a little bit more mobile than I am right now. This appointment is a consultation to find out the treatment strategy of the next phase. I've been eager to find out how this is going to work, so I'll try to jot down a few questions before Monday. In the meantime, more healing... more pain meds... and more sleep.

"I sleep and wake up refreshed because you, Lord, protect me." (Psalm 3: 5 CEV)

Day 174:


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