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Day 28 - 11/6/18

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Chemo Treatment # 1 - Day 1

The day is finally here! It feels a little surreal because I’ve been anticipating this from the day I got the diagnosis. And it’s finally chemo day. It might seem strange that I’m excited about it, but knowing this is significant to the beginning of my physical healing is exciting to me. My reality is there are actual cancer cells growing in my body, and I’m ready for them to be evicted. And today’s the day that process begins.

I packed my bag last night—not knowing exactly what to take, but knowing I’ll be in the infusion room for at least 5 hours. I’ve got books, snacks, journal, blanket, socks, laptop… I hope that’s enough stuff… This should keep me entertained and help with the munchies.

In preparation for the chemo, I began taking steroids last night, and I took more steroids and nausea medication this morning. We arrived in the infusion room at 9:00 am. At the time we arrived, there was only 1 other person in the room, but it looks like it’s set up to hold about 20 people getting infusions at the same time. I’m not sure why this is amazing to me, but it is.

The nurse, who will be helping me today, goes over the types of medicines I will have and the side effects. To begin the process, we start off with nausea medication. I know it seems like a lot of nausea medication, but based on that being one of the major side effects, that seems like a good starting point to me!

The chemo medications come next. These were given one at a time. One of the medications can cause neuropathy, so the nurse gave me the option of putting ice on my fingers and toes, in an attempt to lessen the effects. Hey, doesn’t hurt to try it, right? So I agreed. The only negative thing with this was having to sit in an awkward position to keep the ice from falling. As typical Diana, I made a game of it, and the time flew by. :) Luckily it was only a 40 minute treatment.

So after a total of 6 hours from start to finish, we’re headed home. I have a list of medications that I have to take at specific times. I have direction to drink as much fluids as I can. Mouth rinsing instructions. And symptoms that I should look for and report. I guess I’m all set! No nausea on this day, so I’m guessing the medications are working. For the remainder of the day, I'm just relaxing.... and trying not to be paranoid about looking for symptoms... This seems like it will be my biggest challenge.

“Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing steadfastly in prayer;” Romans 12: 12 ASV

Day 29:


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