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Day 92 - 1/9/19

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Another middle of the night waking. After I take nausea meds and get more fluids inside of me, I begin to pray for friends and loved ones. As names and faces flash before me, I pray for them the things that God places on my heart to pray.

At some point my prayers transitioned to cancer patients in general. I pray for the cancer patients that are feeling lost and confused. I pray that they find their way to hope and peace. I pray that they get comfort and encouragement from a support system to help them endure through this. I pray that faith kicks in for the person who has a time limit attached to their diagnosis, and they realize that the battle is not over until God says it’s over. I pray strength for all those who don’t realize the inner strength they have to make it through this. I pray peaceful rest for those who are restless. I pray the diagnosis they receive brings them closer to their loved ones, and not farther apart. I pray that loneliness and bitterness be replaced by love, support and forgiveness. I pray that God comforts those that are afraid. I pray His healing power envelopes every one of them. I pray that those who are feeling overwhelmed put their trust in God...

I doze off as I’m praying…

I wake again in the afternoon feeling drained. I have more minor aches in my muscles, but the waves of pain have not started. As I move around a little, the aches ease and go away. No need to take anything for it, since it goes away.

I managed to stay up for a few hours before the falling back asleep. In the evening I awake again having more aches than I did earlier. They still have not converted to the waves, but the fatigue has kicked in—in full force. After taking more nausea medication, it’s back off to sleep I go.

“If you have faith when you pray for sick people, they will get well. The Lord will heal them, and if they have sinned, he will forgive them.” James 5: 15 CEV

Day 94:


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