"Healing through faith" is a state of being that you must strive for throughout your existence. The concept of it is to identify your wound, uncover it, provide the proper treatment, forgive, and move on.


Getting Started

The pain is there. At times, it feels as though nothing else matters. How do you move pass your pain to desire a more fulfilling life? The answer lies behind your faith. Do you have enough faith to believe that God has better things in store for you? Do you understand the magnitude of His love for you? If you have any inclining as to how much He loves you, you can embrace that love and push forward. Pushing forward is what helps to get you through the heartache. God's promise is to give you peace and joy. Your faith in God helps you get to the joy that He promises you.


Fear of Rejection

In physical wounds, we can easily identify the wound based on the area of pain. Emotional wounds, however, become masked in our everyday life because we simply learn how to press forward without giving the wound the proper care to heal. Some of us get very accustomed to picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, and moving on to the next chapter in our lives. And that's fine and dandy for a moment. But at some point, we must face the pain in order for the healing to be effective. When we face the pain, we acknowledge that we've been hurt by someone else's actions. We can then attempt to determine why the action affected us the way that it did. During one of my own healing sessions, I disco


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