"Healing through faith" is a state of being that you must strive for throughout your existence. The concept of it is to identify your wound, uncover it, provide the proper treatment, forgive, and move on.


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The pain is there. At times, it feels as though nothing else matters. How do you move pass your pain to desire a more fulfilling life? The answer lies behind your faith. Do you have enough faith to believe that God has better things in store for you? Do you understand the magnitude of His love for you? If you have any inclining as to how much He loves you, you can embrace that love and push forward. Pushing forward is what helps to get you through the heartache. God's promise is to give you peace and joy. Your faith in God helps you get to the joy that He promises you.


Day 171 - 3/29/19

Two days after surgery, and I'm still taking pain medication regularly. That's not surprising. As much as I want to start weaning myself off of the medications, I also don't want to be in a lot of pain... So I'm just going to keep taking them until the pain is a little bit more manageable. :) The drain under my arm is still needing to be tended to regularly. I'm thankful that my daughter is taking care of it, so I don't have to worry about it. I've been sleeping quite a bit over the last few days, so it's good that I don't have to focus on who, what, when and how the drainage is doing. She's managing it completely, and I'm assuming it's going well because she hasn't stated otherwise. I have

Day 169 - 3/27/19

Surgery Day. Today is Phase 2 of my treatment plan--a lumpectomy. This is an outpatient procedure to remove the area where the cancer tumor was on my breast. I will also have lymph nodes removed and tested for any residual cancer cells. The surgery is roughly about an hour, but it is a lot less invasive than a mastectomy, and the recovery time is only about a week. .... So I'm eager and ready for Phase 2 to be completed. Once this part is over, we'll be moving on to the radiation phase, and I'm so ready for all of it to be done. I think I'm just anxious about seeing how my new "normal" is going to look. The hardest part about all of this is the wait... And then the hurry up and wait some mor

Day 164 - 3/22/19

My stamina has been building up for the last week and a half, but I woke up today completely worn out and drained. As happy as I am to be moving around again, I must listen to my body and take today to recuperate. I've promised myself to listen to my body, and today I'm going to be obedient to it and rest. My plans today: get rest, get more rest, and when I'm done, get some more rest. :) "He lets me lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside quiet waters. He renews my life; he leads me along the right paths for his name’s sake." (Psalm 23: 2-3 CSB) Day 169: https://www.healingthroughfaith.com/blog/day-169-3-27-19 #mybreastcancerjourney2019 #breastcancer #listeningtomybody #dayofrest

Day 153 - 3/11/19

First day back to work!!! Yayyyyy! I've been waiting for this day for a while. :) I was so excited last night, I couldn't fall asleep. I felt like I did as a kid, and I was going back to school after summer vacation. How lame is that? :) I've really missed my peeps... And they have not had a shortage of love and support. :) Although I've been looking forward to this, I am very tired and drained after a few hours. I have an appointment this afternoon for my 1st post-chemo treatment of Herceptin, so I will get a small break from the excitement of being back at work. My body definitely has some adjusting to do to get back into the swing of things. Regardless of how I feel physically, I'm so exc

Day 152 - 3/10/19

Back to work tomorrow! I know it sounds crazy... And I NEVER thought I would be saying this... But... I'm glad to be back to work tomorrow. I can honestly say I understand why, if it's possible, cancer patients should continue to work, if they can. It is so easy to get discouraged and focus on worrying when you have nothing to think about, other than your sickness. When you're alone with your thoughts, your mind goes all over the place, and it can land in some very unproductive places. I've been blessed to have a support network that has constantly checked on me... and when my mind did wonder down those unproductive roads, I was reminded to come back to reality. I also didn't realize how muc

Day 148 - 3/6/19

Today is my husband and my 9th wedding anniversary. We normally go out and have a fancy dinner to celebrate, but we were skeptical about doing that this year because of my taste buds not being back yet. At the last minute, we decided to go ahead and keep the custom going. We normally have a GREAT steak, but because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to enjoy it, I asked him to find a really good seafood restaurant. Over the last few weeks I have had a little luck tasting seafood. I hated to deviate from our "steak" routine, but I also didn't want to waste money on something I would probably not be able to taste. Him, being true to his character, did find an amazing seafood restaurant. During dinne


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