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Being vulnerable

Wounds are caused when we are vulnerable. Sometimes they are caused simply because we are vulnerable, and other times, they are caused because we thought we were safe and let our guards down. After we are wounded, we believe the way to stop future wounds is by being guarded of our heart. The trouble with this thinking, though, is when we guard our hearts from pain, we also close our hearts from healing. Although being guarded is a normal, human reaction to pain, when you decide to seek your healing, the guards must come down. As you intentionally begin letting your guard down, you will feel vulnerable. And this is ok. Vulnerability is not always a bad thing. In order for healthy healing to occur, you must allow yourself to be sensitive to God's healing, and that does require you to be vulnerable. The caution is to make sure you have a healthy healing environment that will not cause any increase in pain. As long as you are not exposed to any type of toxicity in your life, open yourself up and receive your healing.

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