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Day 174 - 4/1/19

Today I met with the radiation oncologist that will be responsible the next type of treatments. It feels good to be moving to the next steps.

The oncologist explained the entire process of how we landed where we are today and the options for our next steps. Unfortunately, some of the next steps will rely on approval from the insurance company, but I'm determined to trust in God and not the insurance company. I'm believing Him to work on the hearts and minds of those who give the approvals, and that any approvals/denials are part of God's plan.

The options before us are: standard radiation; a new type of radiation called Proton Radiation; and surgery. My new doctor wants to make sure we explore every possible scenario and don't leave any stone un-turned. He is sending me to a Proton Radiation oncologist and a bone surgeon to see if those options are available, and my team of doctors will come together to determine the next, best steps.

The scariest option to me is the surgery, but, as I'm leaning and trusting God, I have to be open to His leading. I am reminded though that God is so amazing in all that He does. The knowledge that He gives to doctors is awesome. Cancer treatment technology has increased so much in recent years. It's both awesome and sad. Awesome because the survival rates are increasing, and sad because it's needed as a result of the increasingly number of people being diagnosed with it.

I left the appointment having even more knowledge than before. My team of doctors are great with explaining what's going on through every step. I still have quite a journey ahead of me, but with each treatment section, I am coming closer and closer to becoming whole again. I am so thankful that God has put me in such good care.

"I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security." Jeremiah 33: 6b (NIV)


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