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Physical wounds heal more effectively if they are covered, but emotional wounds heal more effectively if they are uncovered. In both types of wounds, harmful contaminates, or infections, hinder the healing process. Infections cause more damage to the wound than the initial traumatic experience. This is because the healing process has a natural order that begins immediately after the new wound opening occurs. Our body (in physical wounds) and mind (in emotional wounds) begins to repair itself within seconds of impact. Infections impair this natural order, and throws off the healing process.The damage of infections in emotional wounds can cause bitterness, unforgiveness, depression and anxiety. As with physical wounds, emotional wounds can avoid infection by simply changing the healing environment. In all conditions, wounds heal properly when they have the right amount of healthy attention at the right time. The "right" attention comes in the form of healthy nurturing, when we allow God into our process. His presence gives us the courage and ability to move pass our past hurts.

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