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What kind of wound is it?

Offense, infidelity, rejection, oppression, broken trust and abandonment are just a few types of wounds that we can carry around for years, not realizing that they are directing our lives. These wounds are not just caused by romantic relationships; they can also be caused by other types of relationships-e.g., relationships with parents, friends, acquaintances and co-workers. Knowing what type of wounds we have can help us in applying the correct "balm". Most wounds surface, discretely, when we are faced with situations similar to the situation in which we were wounded. They can also surface when the person who hurt us is in our presence. Being overtaken by negative thoughts or feelings can be an indication of the wound surfacing. We don't always know that it is the wound that causes us to react negatively, but realizing and identifying the wound can be the breakthrough we need to forgive. There are many more types of wounds that are caused from relationships. These wounds can damage our outlook on future relationships, and they can also cause us to be overly guarded. When you realize the wound is there and it is affecting your outlook towards a person or situation, confess your feelings to God and ask Him to forgive you. As soon as you receive His forgiveness, you can begin the healing process of forgiving yourself and the person who hurt you.

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