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Point of Infliction

What is your Point of Infliction? A Point of Infliction is that moment when the gut wrenching pain is felt. It's that moment when we feel the blunt force of the painful incident that will cause us many memories of heartache. That vantage point will be relived over and over in our mind until we are able to heal. Until we submit to our healing, the emotional feeling will hit us every time something reminds us of our hurtful memory. We can be spiraled right back to that moment as if it just happened. It never feels good to be reminded of how vulnerable we felt at the point of infliction. How can we make the pain go away? As part of the healing process, we must face our pain and not suppress it. As you are healing, it's ok to allow your emotions to overtake you. Your end goal is to stop looking at that painful memory through the same lens as you did when you were wounded. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it seems easier to continue to suppress it. But, don't let that moment in your life define how you should manage the rest of your life. Don't let that moment in your life keep you from loving and opening up to others. Don't let your pain hinder you from living a full life. True healing brings an appreciation of every hurtful situation you have lived through. It makes you recognize how strong you are.

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