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Day 115 - 2/1/19

This morning I have a lot of tingling in my hands and feet. When I wake up like this, I lay in the bed and stretch my fingers and toes, in an attempt to loosen them up and ease some of the tingling. I also woke up with some pain this morning, so, this is my indication that I am on the down spiral of side-effects. As usual, I am prolonging taking any medication, but I will take something once the pain becomes very uncomfortable.

For the better part of the morning, I am in and out of consciousness. Sleep is coming in waves, and I am finding some comfort in it. I still have a little nausea, so I’m still taking that medication, as a precaution. As usual, the hardest part of this type of day is making sure that I am staying up on my fluid intake. The way it was described to me is that the fluids help “flush” the chemo drugs through my system.

As afternoon comes, I’m trying to force myself to stay awake for a short period of time—just so I can gather my bearings. I am still basking in the good news from yesterday… My doctor was unable to locate the lump in my breast… God is SO GOOD!

I am thankful for all of the victories I get! And, as I am feeling the “battle scars” today,—the side-effects from the chemo—I’ll take every “win” I am handed. It’s in days like this that I truly feel like I am in a fight, although I don’t actually feel like I have the strength to fight. Thankfully, God is doing the fighting for me right now.

“The Lord will fight for you, and you won’t have to do a thing.” Exodus 14: 14 CEV

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