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Day 12 - 10/21/18

The remainder of the weekend has passed by uneventfully. Since I'm taking the pain medication regularly, I'm not in a lot of pain--following the mediport surgery. What I'm feeling isn't really pain--it's more like "discomfort" than anything else. I'm not sure what I expected, but looking at the pictures of the device, I believe I thought it was going to be so much worse than it was. So, I think I'm going to call this tiny experience a "win" for me. Hey, I'll take whatever win I can get!

While I have this little bit of down-time, I'm trying to do as much cleaning as I can comfortably do. It's not really a whole lot, but it makes me feel like I'm making progress with preparations for the upcoming week. Since my chemo is supposed to start on Wednesday, I want to have things a little organized around the house. I know my husband will pretty much handle everything that needs to be handled, but I want to try to take some of the burden--even if it's just a little--off of him.

I'm also trying to take mental inventory of how I think the week will pan out. So I will work Monday and Tuesday..... Wednesday will be chemo--for five hours.... Thursday and Friday the effects of chemo will have me feeling pretty bad..... And this will run over throughout the remainder of the weekend.....

My oncologist has stated that everyone reacts differently to chemo, so there's no way to really tell how I'm going to feel. I guess in my mind though, if I can "plan" it out, it makes me feel better. But when I think about it, it's not really a plan.... ok..... now I'm laughing at myself..... I'll chalk this one up to the medication. Let me go back to taking one day at a time.

"Don't worry about tomorrow. It will take care of itself. You have enough to worry about today." Matthew 6: 34 CEVDC

Day 14:


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