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Day 132 - 2/18/19

Chemo session 6 of 6!!!!!

Celebration for this major milestone!!!

Since I didn’t get the shot to increase my white blood count during my last chemo cycle, I was a little concerned about my counts being too low. I am happy to say that they were actually better today than they have been previously. Today my counts are 7.3--the threshold is 4.8 - 10.8. Yayyyyy!!! No delay in getting my final round of chemo! :)

Today I met with my oncologist’s PA before chemo. She stated that the remainder of the treatment plan will be finalized once the results of the MRI are received. Based on all of the good reports, she gave us an outline of how the treatment plan can unfold:

1) I start the immunotherapy drugs (Herceptin) in 3 weeks. The purpose of this drug is to prevent reoccurrence of cancer. The initial plan was to continue this for 1 year, but, because of the cancer on my sternum, this treatment may be continued indefinitely.

2) Next, I will have the lumpectomy. This will be scheduled in about 4-5 weeks. This will remove the area where the lump was located, and, also removal and testing of lymph nodes will occur.

3) Lastly, Radiation should begin after I’ve healed from the surgery. I still have to meet and talk to the radiation oncologist, so I don’t have a whole lot of information about the radiation treatment.

I feel better that we are actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I can begin to see the path to “normal” now. After getting all of this information, it’s off to the infusion room I go!

At the end of the infusion, it felt good knowing this part of it is over. I still have to deal with all of the side-effects over the next couple of weeks, but I believe the worst is over. Now I can start rebuilding, other than regaining, strength. The most exciting thing I’m looking forward to is having normal taste buds again! :) DON’T JUDGE ME! :) I want to enjoy my food again!

I’m also looking forward to growing hair. This wouldn’t be so important to me if I didn’t have fat rolls and odd shaped lumps on my head. :) This is something I can laugh at myself about because I’m not in denial. :) This is the reason I can’t go bald.

After making it back home, I took some nausea medication and got a really good nap in. I woke up feeling a tad bit queasy, so I took the other nausea and steroid medication and ate dinner. Tiredness is the only other side-effect I’m feeling, and this is because of the lack of sleep last night. Sleep is friendlier to me tonight, so there’s no chasing it… As I’m dozing off, I am, again, delighting in the fact that this was the last treatment.

"and I have said, ‘Only you are my Lord! Every good thing I have is a gift from you.’" Psalm 16: 2 (CEV)

Day 133:


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