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Day 20 - 10/29/18

The PET scan results came today, and I am happy to report no other cancer was found in my body. During this waiting period, I prepared myself for the worst and hoped for the best. As you can imagine, this news is a HUGE relief. I have to thank all of my prayer warriors that were sending up prayers on my behalf. God did it! Thank you to God!

What this means for my diagnosis is that the cancer is isolated to my breast and sternum. My doctor is ordering a biopsy to determine if it’s the same type of cancer, as what's in my breast. If it is, he is proceeding with the same treatment plan and adding additional radiation for the sternum area. If it is a different type of cancer, he may have to order additional chemo drugs to target it. At least, this is my understanding of it. I am constantly learning new things in this entire process, and I'm hoping that I am interpreting everything correctly.

I am reminded, in this situation, that this is God’s grace being extended to me. Understanding that grace is unmerited favor, I know that there’s nothing that “Diana” did to earn the favor of God. His will is his will, and whichever way the test results had returned, I was going to have to accept it. The key to it all, though, is knowing that He had already prepared me for the outcome. In order to trust Him.... I must TRUST HIM. That means totally surrendering my will to His, and accepting whatever outcome He has ordained.

For those who are faced with this same situation and the outcome was different, don’t lose heart or hope. God knows what He’s doing. Although our journeys are not the same, He has a purpose to everything he does. Continue to trust Him through your process. He loves you and is still holding you in His arms. Keep the faith, and continue to move forward with God on your side.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Psalm 23: 4 KJV

Day 22:

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