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Day 43 - 11/21/18

Everything has been pretty uneventful for the past week. Once I got over the pain from the shot, I’ve mainly been resting and helping out with chores, as much as I can. My energy level is definitely not what it used to be, but I still try.

I’m eating the foods that I can taste—which turns out to be a lot of Mexican food. :) Yay me! I’m still trying to be aware of eating right, but sometimes (most times) I lose out to flavors... I can certainly understand why it's hard to eat when you can't taste your food.

Today we are getting prepared for Thanksgiving Day. I received the results of my blood work yesterday, and my white blood cell counts are back up, so I won’t be isolated to staying home. This means that I will get to be around my family. It also means that I get to cook—which I always like to do. The side dishes I will be making is potato salad and pasta salad. Not that I’m bragging (yes, I am), but I’ve been told that my potato salad is the best! And it was a special request by my oldest daughter.

So, I make the potato salad using my normal ingredients… Mixing everything together like I usually do… Then I scoop some on a spoon and taste it, so I can tell what additional ingredients need to be put into it… and NOTHING. :( I can’t tell what I need to add because I can’t taste it. That’s just great. Apologies to my family because I didn’t think of that! I’m not sure what they will be getting, but let’s just hope it somewhat resembles my regular potato salad.

Even though I can’t tell the results of the potato salad, I go ahead and make the pasta salad. I have a little better luck with the pasta salad, so I’ll call that one a success. At least it appears to taste as it should. Overall, dinner was great, even though I couldn’t taste everything. Knowing that the food was made with love was fulfilling enough.

Enlightenment today is that we shouldn’t wait for the holidays to be thankful—we should be thankful every day for life, health, strength, loved ones…. The list can really go on and on… Appreciation for the little things in life can go a long way, but because of my diagnosis, I am appreciating everything that is in my life... Even the diagnosis itself because it is giving me the opportunity to really see how lucky and blessed I am.

As I was winding down for the evening, I noticed that my hair loss is beginning. I combed my hand through my hair a few times and there were several strands left on my fingers. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t sure of when it would start. Right now this doesn’t bother me because I couldn’t really tell by looking at my hair on my head.. Since this is a side-effect that some people struggle, I want to know if it will bother me. I don’t think it will, but I will be able to tell more, once more of it is gone.

It’s been a long day, and I’m kind of drain, so I’m happily retreating into my bed.

“give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5: 18 NIV

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