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Day 48 - 11/26/18

Chemo Treatment # 2

My 2nd chemo treatment is scheduled for today. I didn’t sleep well last night because I was anxious about the results of my blood work. I know if my blood work is not good, it will delay my treatment. After tossing and turning for the majority of the night, I realize I am supposed to be praying that all is well with it, instead of worrying about it. I wish I had had that revelation hours ago! I began to pray, and before I know it, I've finally dozed off to sleep.

Since last week, I have lost a lot more hair. It’s not really bothering me, but I will wear a bandana to treatment because the missing patches look strange. When we arrive and sign in, I look around and see several patients with hats and bandanas on. I didn’t see this last time, so it actually makes me feel good about my own hair loss. It’s not that I was feeling bad before, but it definitely helped boost my morale about my own hair loss.

So we head to the lab first, then my doctor visit, and next the infusion room. Blood drawn…. Doctor visit complete—and all is well… Then to the infusion room as our last stop. I learn that my blood sugar is little high, but this doesn’t hinder me from getting my treatment. Note to self—don’t eat a large piece of pie the night before treatments. I probably shouldn’t be eating it anyway, but definitely not before a treatment. The nurse asks my doctor if she should give me a shot of insulin, and he agrees. Well that was easy. :)

The infusions started around 10 am and finished around 2:15 pm. Wow! That was a lot shorter than the last time! Yay! I’ve been told that the 1st treatment is a lot longer because I’m given the most amount of medicine in the 1st one. The subsequent treatments I'm given less. Well, this definitely proves that to be correct.

Since this is my 2nd go around, I now know what to expect with the side-effects. I want to continue the routine that I had last time because it appears that it worked well for me. I wasn’t overwhelmed with nausea, which is good, so I have my nausea medications ready to go--prevention and in the event I start to feel nauseous. I'm also prepared with heartburn medication this time. I'm already working on the neuropathy prevention supplements to alleviate any symptoms related to that, and I've gotten my fluids all lined up. Check, check, check and check.

After being restless last night, I make sure that I have all of my medications up to date, and sleep is welcomed pretty early.

“When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.” Proverbs 3: 24 NIV

Day 49:


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